Pallavi Goenka

"Observation more than books and experience more than person, are prime Educators."
- Amos Bronson Alcott

More than a decade of experience in designing, she transcends Fashion & Textile art to the Freedom of expression and brings in her design, the reflection of the unique individual characteristics of her clientele, when it comes to Art and Interior styling.

A design graduate from Mumbai, Pallavi Goenka over the years has evolved into someone who smoothly navigates across the various streams of design - be it interior styling or creative direction for diverse projects. She masters her creation of new art skill which is a mixture of traditional and contemporary art forms.

She has a keen sight for minor functional details and serene elegance, which goes beyond simple furnishing. She is skilled in melding art, artefacts & antiques into the mix and a combination of Vision & Passion that results to a perfect balance that gives immortal relevance to the space.

Pallavi Goenka Signature is a custom and commissioned art, made to add life to the dull and lifeless spaces by adding functional value. Right from the site visits, exploratory studies, design conceptualisation and consolidation to the final product, she involves herself in every minormoment of this process. Her attempt into design is the result of her experiments, experiences & explorations into her own design methods. Pallavi is known for her holistic understanding of design.

Her child like curiosity and constant craving for learning something new from nature has resulted to this Maturity in Creative direction. As a creative director, Pallavi has explored different levels of creativity and travelled beyond, which would continue until eternity. "Creativity is an on-going process."