Interior Styling

Pallavi Goenka paints a canvas of most exquisite ideas, inspirations and designs. She believes that "Design is Life" and every new project is a new story.

Pallavi strongly feels that Interior decoration should always be in tune with the client’s lifestyle. Her vision is to blend every minor necessity with artistry making the spaces beautiful while remaining purposeful. From color, texture, furnishings and lighting, every detail is taken care of. She strives to provide personalized interior solutions which match the clients’ aspirations and are sensitive towards their moods. Her experiments, explorations and experiences within her own design practice led her to design spaces ranging from just a staircase area to complete residences, office chains, cafés, and saloons to other myriad creative spaces.

She has a keen eye for minute functional details of serene elegance which go beyond simple furnishings. She is skilled in weaving in art, artefacts and antiques into her designs resulting in a combination of vision and passion; a perfect balance that gives timeless relevance to the space.

Pallavi Goenka Signature is a custom and commissioned art with the intention of enlivening the otherwise purely functional spaces. Right from site visits, exploratory studies, design conceptualisation and consolidation to the final product, she is personally involved in every stage of the process. Over the years, Pallavi has come to be known for her holistic understanding of design.

Pallavi's signature line

Pallavi is truly trying bridge the gap between new generation’s modern minds and rich Indian art & craftsmanship. Her dream and vision is to bring Indian folk-art and craftsmanship to an international level, by melding its quality and standards. She has a super ability in creating fun and warmth in the spaces with colours and arts. She wants to show this generation that how modern styled homes can also incorporate Indian art. She adds life to the spaces she designs by bringing rich cultural folk-art and modern contemporary art on one platform and merging them. May it be any medium viz. canvas, wood, acrylic or glass; she has explored all of them. Imagination is boundless and so is the Art; Pallavi proves it correct.



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